California State Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
115th Observation Squadron
Pictorial History
Colonel William "Billy" Mitchell (in coveralls) visits the 115th in 1925 during the squadron's summer camp
The ubiquitous JN-4H "Jenny." Griffith Park Airport 1926
In September 1927, the 115th Observation Squadron held its summer camp at its home base, Griffith Park Airport. Visiting staff officers from the Sacramento headquarters review the 115th's new aircraft and crews. The aircraft include (in order, from left) one Douglas C-1, two Douglas O-2Cs and six Consolidated DT-1s. These aircraft replaced the JN4H "Jennies" which were no longer safe for flight and were destroyed by National Guard Bureau order.
Preparing for a target towing mission at Camp Merriam, now Camp San Luis Obispo, in 1933. Captain Miller boards an O-38 as mechanics adjust the towing mechanism. Note the squadron insignia on the side of the aircraft.
Lieutenant (later Major General) Clarence Shoop at Griffith Park Airport 1934. General Shoop became the commander of the California Air National Guard in 1957.
Captain O.D. McKenzie leads the the reviewing troops during ceremonies at Griffith Park in 1938
An 0-47 flying low at Camp Merriam
An O-47 flying over the Sierra Nevada Mountains
A Vultee-Sinson L-5 of the 115th Reconnaissance Squadron in the Burmese jungle, 1945
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