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Air Force Plant 64
U.S. Air Force Plant No. 64 was operated by Airproducts, Inc., and produced liquid oxygen for rocket engines evaluated at the local test facility.

Public records indicate that improvements installed during the U.S. Department of Defense involvement at the facility included an administration office, ammonia storage support structure, auto maintenance shop, oxygen generating plant (compressor building), oil-separator pit, and water distribution system. The U.S. Air Force acquired Tract A-100-3 (fee property) and Tract A-100-E-8 (easement), a total of 42 acres, from North American Aviation, Inc.

The Grant Deed detailing these transactions is dated 20 August 1958, according to official records of Ventura County.

In November 1973 this area was transferred to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

All but one building have been removed and bulldozed over. The remaining building is a systems control room for a large scale used to weigh loads leaving the SSFL to facilities outside the canyon.

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