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Air Force Plant 10


On 18 May 1948, the United States Air Force acquired 49.40 acres in fee, and later acquired 3.09 acres of lessor interest, making a total of 52.49 acres with improvements thereon, acquired for the establishment of an Air Force plant.

The area was known as Air Force Plant 10 or Northrop Aircraft, and was used for the manufacturing of aircraft and as an Environmental Test Building, built in support of the Air Force SNARK Missile Program. At least two manufacturing plants were constructed at the site.

On 9 September 1955, 0.04 acre was quitclaimed to Pacific Electric Railroad. On 7 April 1958, .13 acre was conveyed to Northrop Aircraft by quitclaim deed. 19.95 acres were conveyed to the City of Hawthorne by quitclaim deed dated 14 December 1960. The remaining 32.37 acres, including 44 buildings, were conveyed to Northrop Corporation by quitclaim deed dated 1 June 1964.

Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers (26 Aug 91)

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