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Air Force Plant 14, Burbank

The former Air Force Plant No. 14 is located in Area 1, Burbank Operable Unit (OU), of the San Fernando Valley Area 1 through 4 site. Since 1941, there has been a geographic, functional, and organizational relationship among Air Force Plant No. 14; two Plancors, 236 and 1193; and Lockheed Martin Corporation’s plants and air terminal. The facilities were used for the design, manufacture, and repair of military and civilian aircraft. Air Force Plant No. 14, a government-owned, contractor-operated facility, was established in 1947 when the government exchanged some of its Plancor facilities for Lockheed’s Plant B-1. In 1974, all property owned by the Air Force was conveyed to Lockheed Martin Corporation. Since DoD’s disposal of this property, Lockheed has used the facilities for the design and production of missiles, satellites, and military and commercial aircraft.
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Army Corps of Engineers History
In 1942 the United States acquired 279.78 acres in Burbank, California by lease agreement. In 1947, 88.87 acres were acquired in fee for the purpose of establishing an Air Force Plant (AFP-14). In 1954, 151.01 acres were acquired for the purpose of establishing AFP-14 Annex.

The plant was activated in 1947 and was used for the manufacturing, repair and/or overhaul of aircraft, aircraft engines, or other components. The area was known as Air Force Plant 14.

16.20 acres were sold to Lockheed Air Terminal by GSA on 11 May 1963. The remaining 218.48 acres of fee-owned land (with improvements) and the 284.98 acres under license and easement
were given to GSA for disposal on 27 June 1969. The area was later taken over by Lockheed Aircraft.
Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers, 18 Feb 92
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