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Air Force Plant 15


On 26 February 1944, the U.S. Army acquired 246.70 acres in fee from Western Land Company, operating on behalf of Douglas Aircraft Plant in Long Beach, California. On 22 November 1944, an easement comprising 2.64 acres was acquired, bringing the total to 249.34 acres acquired.

The land, improvements, and personal property comprising Douglas Aircraft Plant, were used by the United States for the manufacturing of aircraft and were known as Air Force Plant No. 15 (North American Aircraft).

On 26 February 1946, accountability for the facility's 249.34 acres, was assumed by the War Assets Department. Accountability of 103.04 acres was reassumed by the U.S. Air Force on 1 January 1949. On 26 February 1960, the 103.04 acres were declared excess to GSA. The entire site, 249.34 acres, was quitclaimed back to Douglas Aircraft.

Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers (26 Aug 91)

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