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Abalone Point Fire Control Site No. 14
Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles



LOCATION: The site is 2 miles northeast of Laguna Beach in Crystal Cove State Park, Orange County, CA. The site is located approximately one-half mile inland south of Moro Canyon. The site can be accessed via a paved road through the park gate located on the east side of 9200 N. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

SITE HISTORY: The former Abalone Point Fire Control Station was constructed for the Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles. It was located on 2.27 acres (1.0 acre lot for the facility and 1.27 acres in easement for the access road). This land was acquired by the War Department, through leasehold and license, on 13 April 1942 from the Irvine Company.

The War Department constructed a Seacoast Fortification Structure on the property. This Structure was constructed as an observation and spotting station. The structure was "dug-in" type (15'-9 1/2' high, 19' long, and 16' wide). It was built of reinforced concrete and contained observation instruments and a mobile radio trailer. The War Department also constructed a 20' wide access road, inland from east of PCH to the site. The road occupied 1.27 acres of the property in easement. The site was transferred from the Corps of Engineers to the Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles on 6 July 1944 at a total cost of $5,971.03. It was two 2.5 KVA gasoline powered generators.

The lease for the property was terminated on 22 May 1948 and land reverted back to the original owners, The Irvine Company. The structures were demolished in 1950. In December 1979, The Irvine Company sold the site, in conjunction with 2800 acres of property, to the state of California. The site is located within the property that is currently owned by the California Parks and Recreation Department, and is a part of the Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach, California.

PURPOSE OF THE SITE: The site was the location of a fire control station classified as FCS B7/6 S7/6 for the uncompleted Battery Construction 128 located at Bolsa Chica Military Reservation. The site would have provided target data for Battery 128.

Battery 128 was to be a battery of two, 16" Long Range naval guns with each gun position in a reinforced concrete casemate. The casemates were at either end of an earth covered reinforced concrete support structure. Construction began 17 April 1943 and was curtailed 26 November 1943. The Battery declared complete 21 January 1944 even though it lacked some equipment and the guns. It was turned over for service 5 January 1945 in its curtailed condition at a cost of $758,879. The guns were never delivered and the Battery was abandoned in 1948 when the Bolsa Chica Military Reservation closed. Battery 128 was destroyed in 1993 to make way for residential development.


Report of Completed Works - Seacoast Fortifications


Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers

Posted 31 January 2014.

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