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Almaden Air Force Station

Construction of the former Almaden AFS began in 1957, and the Site became active in 1958. It consisted of four areas: the Operations Area on top of Mount Umunhum; the Cantonment Area adjacent to the Operations Area; the Family Housing Area south of the Cantonment Area; and the GATR area on top of Mount Thayer. The Site was used as a radar transmitting and receiving station during its years of operation.

The former Operations Area lies on top of Mount Umunhum and may be entered via the Access Road from the former Cantonment Area. It consists of several structures and improvements that were erected in 1957 when the Site was first established, including paved roads, AST pads, a helipad, sheds, radar towers, a former Power Plant, and the former Operations Center.

The former Cantonment Area is at the north end of the Access Road through the front gates. This area consists of: paved roads; parking lots; AST pads; the former Auto Maintenance Shop; a swimming pool; the former Commissary; various sheds; and the former Barracks. Most of the former barracks have been razed and only the foundations remain, as seen in a comparison of photos taken in 1969 and 1998 (the former barracks were located on the right side of the photographs.) The year the former barracks were demolished is not known.

The former Family Housing Area is situated at the southernmost portion of the Site and is characterized by a parking area, a car port, and eight residences.

The former Ground to Air Transmitter/Receiver (GATR) site is located to the west on top of Mount Thayer, along the ridgeline of Mount Umunhum. The road between the main installation of the Site and the GATR site is privately owned by Mr. Loren McQueen. Very little information was found during research regarding this area.

In 1979, the Site came under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force (USAF) Tactical Air Command. In 1980, the Site was declared excess to the needs of USAF and was transferred to the General Services Administration (GSA) for disposal.

Almaden AFS did not have any gap filler annexes.

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Posted 18 May 2008