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Beale Air Force Base Instrument Landing System Outer Marker Annex

SITE NAME: Beale ILS Outer Marker Annex.

LOCATION: The site is located 45 miles north of Sacramento and 9 miles northeast of Marysville in Yuba County, California (Figures 1 and 2).

SITE HISTORY: In 1958, the United States acquired by purchase 0.87 fee acre along with 1.51 easement acres (total acreage acquired was 2.38) from a private property owner. The site was known as ILS Outer Marker, Beale Air Force Base; Beale Air Force Base ILS Outer Marker Annex: Beale ILS Outer Marker Annex; Beale AFB ILS Outer Marker Annex (BARZ); Beale AFB ILS Outer Marker Annex PIN BARZ; and Beale ILS Outer Marker Annex, Instument Indicator BARZ, Yuba County, CA. The site was used as an off base Instrument Landing System (US) Outer Marker providing navigational aid to aircraft operating in the vicinity of Beale Air Force Base. The only building on the site housed the electric generator. After the installation of the State Instrument Landing System, the Outer Marker equipment was no longer needed. The Electric Generator and the GRN 25 Marker Beacon were then removed (sometime prior to 1981, exact date is unavailable). On 4 August 1981, 2.38 acres were quitclaimed to Mr. & Mrs. Earl M. Van Bebber. The site is currently used as single family residence.

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