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Brazil Street Depot

A sub-depot of Los Angeles (later Maywood) Army Air Forces Specialized Storage Depot located at 4626 Brazil Street in the city of Glendale. As such the depot was garrisoned by the 822nd Army Air Forces Specialized Depot (later 4822nd Army Air Forces Base Unit (Specialized Depot)). The official designation of this facility is not known. Some documents refer to this site as the Brazil Street Depot.

The War Department acquired, by means of two (2) different leases, a total of 16.66 acres, to be used by the Army Air Forces. Because the information available is undated and copies of the leases are not available, we cannot document dates of acquisition, use or termination.

The site is remembered by a member of the Los Angeles District of the Army Corps of Engineers to have been used in the 1950's by the Corps as a motor pool and laboratory. There is also evidence that it was used during World War II by the 822nd AAF Specialized Depot. Quonset huts were observed on the site in the 1950's during the Corps' occupation. During the 1960's, Hawkes Finishing Company operated a metal finishing facility at the site

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