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Fort Emory: Battery Construction No. 134
(Battery Gatchell)
Battery Construction 134 for two 16-inch Guns, Fort Emory. Front view of the casemated gun emplacements. This battery was never armed. Photograph courtesy of Joseph Janesic, 2014
This battery is scheduled to be removed by the US Navy in 2016.
Battery Construction No. 134
by Justin M. Ruhge

The second 16-inch battery in the 1936 plans for the defense of San Diego Harbor was located on Coronado Heights along with Batteries Grant and Imperial. Work began in March 1943. The gun emplacements and casemates were completed along with the ground-covered concrete plotting and switchboard rooms north of the battery and its magazines when the work was suspended in February 1944. As with Construction 129 in the Bay Area, the threat from Japanese Naval attack had ended by then so there was no need to finish the project. The guns were never mounted at Construction No. 134.
Had the project gone to completion, it would have mounted 2 16-inch guns on high-angle barbette carriages as at Battery Ashburn. The characteristics of this battery would have been similar to Battery Ashburn.
The proposed name for this battery was Battery Gatchell in honor of a former Fort Rosecrans commanding officer.
In 1991, the concrete structures of Batteries 134 and Grant were used by the Navy for offices and storage.
View of the Entrance to the Magazines. Photograph courtesy of Mark Berhow, 1997
Entrance to the Plotting and Fire Control Building (PSR) for Construction 134. Photographs Courtesy of Mark Berhow.
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