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Fort McDowell: Battery Drew
Fort McDowell's Battery Drew was an 8-inch breech-loading rifle Model 1888, No. 36, which was manufactured at the Watervliet Arsenal. It was mounted on a barbette carriage Model 1892, No. 6 from the Watertown Arsenal. The battery was named in War Department General Order 16, February 24, 1902, in honor of Lieutenant Alfred W. Drew, 12th Infantry, who was killed in action at Angeles, Luzon, Philippine Islands, in 1899. It was decommissioned in 1915

This is a model 1888 8-inch cannon, mounted in a Model 1892 barbette carriage, which is a very heavy and stable gun platform. The gun weighed about 32,500 pounds and cost almost $17,000; the carriage weighted 84,000 lbs and cost about $14,000. This gun did not hide away like the gun at Battery Wallace. Image courtesy of John Soennichsen, Angel Island State Park
Another picture of the Battery Drew 8-inch cannon. This gun was faster firing but less protected than the more complicated "disappearing" installation at Battery Wallace. These guns were loaded with a projectile and separate bags containing gunpowder. Image courtesy of John Soennichsen, Angel Island State Park
Report of Completed Works - Seacoast Fortifications
Report of Commpleted Works - Seacoast Fortifications: Battery Drew
Battery Drew Today
The gun was removed from Battery Drew before WWI. The specifications for the emplacement were: Number of Bolts: 16, Circle Diameter: 9' 10", Parapet Height: 6'. Virtually identical emplacements of two guns exist at Battery Duncan, Fort Baker at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge (Marin side). Many of these guns were modified to be mounted on railway cars as mobile artillery, for WW I service, although none were shipped overseas
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