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Fort Rosecrans: Battery Charles Humphreys
(Battery Construction No. 238)
Example of the 6-inch rifle used at Battery Charles Humphreys.
Battery Humphreys
by Justin M. Ruhge
In February 1942, work began on the first of three 6-inch batteries, referred to as Construction No. 238. V. R. Dennis of San Diego won the contract in the amount of $128,000. This battery of two 6-inch rapid fire guns on barbette mounts protected by 2-inch steel shields was located on top of Point Loma above the new lighthouse. The design was similar to those already described for the 6-inch batteries in the Bay Area.
The actual guns were Model M1903A2 Nos. 1 and 101 manufactured by the Watervliet Arsenal. The carriages were barbette Nos. 100 and 101 manufactured by the Wellman Engineering Company.
Battery Humphreys was named in honor of Captain Charles Humphreys, Fort Rosecrans' first Commanding Officer.
The battery was completed on October 14, 1943.
An aerial photograph of Battery Humphreys Under Construction in May 1942. U.S. Navy, Code 0273, LRO 110-04-67, San Diego
Completed Battery Humphreys, 1945. Note two 6-inch Guns with shields. Photograph courtesy of the Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego.
Two Photographs of Battery Humphreys, 1995. Courtesy of The U.S. Navy, San Diego.
BCN-200-Series Battery Layout
An Artist's Rendering of a Standard Two Gun 6-Inch Battery Showing Layout Details. Artwork by Gerald W. Butler.
Taken From of 1940 by Robert D. Zink,
The Six-Inch Part of the Modernization Program,
Coast Defense Study Group Journal, Vol. 8, No. 2, pgs. 21-39, May 1994.
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