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Fort Emory: Battery Imperial
Battery Imperial
by Justin M. Ruhge

Battery Imperial's history was quite similar to Battery Point Loma's. The defense plans in 1936 had called for four 155-mm guns to be retained at Fort Rosecrans until an "incident of emergency." The emergency came and, on December 9, 1941, they were moved to their permanent position directly north of Imperial Beach on the Coronado Heights Military Reservation, later named Fort Emory. This was not the location designated in the earlier plans but where the four Panama mounts had been laid out by the engineers.
In contrast to the concrete magazines at Point Loma, Imperial's dugouts were splinter-proof earth-covered dugouts of board and timber.

As with the other 155-mm battery at Point Loma, artillerymen undoubtedly manned Imperial's guns long before the District Engineer got around to transferring them for the use of the troops on October 24, 1942.

Battery Imperial was replaced by the 6-inch Battery Grant in 1943.
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