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Fort McDowell: Battery Ledyard
(Anti-Aircraft Battery No. 2)

by Justin Ruhge
Three fixed three-inch Model 1917M1 on fixed Model 1917 mounts, were placed on the top of Rodeo Hill east of the two fire control stations associated with Battery Wallace. The first two guns placed there in 1925 were Nos. 68 and 196 from the Watertown Arsenal. In 1933 they were dismounted and sent to the Watervliet Arsenal in New York. A year later two new guns, Nos. 142 and 151 were received and mounted. In 1937 an additional gun was mounted. Each battery had a shelter for the director and the switchboard, and a tool and oil house. The director was located on a hill 800 feet north of the battery. The battery was assigned four searchlights, an observation post, and three machine gun platoons.
For most of its history, the Site was named simply "Anti-Aircraft Battery". At some time during World War II, it was designated as "Antiaircraft Battery No. 2", a designation that was used for the remainder of its operational history. This batter does not show up on the November 1945 tactical map.
Battery Ledyard built in 1901 was armed with two 5 inch model M1900 guns manufactured by Watervliet Arsenal mounted in M1903 pedestals. These guns were the new generation of light caliber guns that could fire as many as 20 to 30 rounds per minute for short periods of time and had a range of approximately 7.5 miles. These guns were loaded with metal cartridges weighing about 84 pounds, which contained the projectile and the propellant, unlike the 8 inch guns which were loaded separately with bags of gunpowder. The gun weighed over11,000 lbs, and cost over $6,000, the carriage weighted about 15,000 lbs, at a cost over of $8,000.
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