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Fort Rosecrans: Battery Point Loma
Battery Point Loma
by Justin M. Ruhge
Battery Point Loma was planned in 1936 during one of the many defense reviews. Four of the tractor-drawn 155-mm rapid-fire guns developed in France in WWI called "Grande Puissance Filloux" (GPF) were placed thirty yards apart on Panama mounts at a location 300 yards north of the new lighthouse at Point Loma. These guns had a range of 17,000 yards or 9.65 miles. The Panama mounts were designed to allow a 360-degree traverse instead of 180. They were placed in a row similar to those of Battery Bluff at Fort Funston. The cost to construct the four Panama mounts was estimated at $6,000. However, the funds were not available until 1941 while the guns had been delivered on June 14, 1939. With the help of local labor, the engineers got the battery completed by September 1941 but it was not transferred to the military until April 28, 1942. The ammunition had arrived with the guns and the sights, and mounts were available. The sights were quadrant Model 1918 and the telescopic panoramic sights M6.

In addition to the mounts, there were a plotting trailer and dugouts to house first aid, a restroom and the latrines.

Battery Point Loma continued in use until about 1943 when it was replaced by 6-inch Battery Humphreys. The Panama mounts are still in place under the ice plant in 2004.
Two views of one of the four Panama Mounts located at the tip of Point Loma. These mounts differed from those at the other forts in that they were full circles to permit a 360-degree traverse of the 155-mm Guns. The Same Design Was Repeated At Battery Imperial. Photographs by the author, 1997.
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Battery Point Loma

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