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Camp Reynolds: Point Stuart Battery
Point Stuart Battery History
This battery was constructed between 1 November 1863 and 25 July 1864. The Civil War era Angel Island batteries were temporary earthworks. Armament consisted of one 10" Columbiad and three 32-Pounder seacoast guns. The battery was abandoned sometime in the 1870s. No trace remains today.
The three cannon above were 32 pound muzzle loaded guns known as M1829 Seacoast Guns, which were mounted in earthen fortifications at Point Stuart. This picture was taken in the 1870's when the guns were obsolete and no longer maintained. These guns weighed about 7,500 pounds, and were secondary batteries installed during the Civil War, to supplement the larger Columbiad cannons. About 8 pounds of gunpowder would send a 32 pound (6.4" diameter) projectile just over a mile.
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Point Blunt, Point Knox and Point Stuart Batteries, 1864
Point Stuart Battery 1868
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