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Catalina Terminal
Catalina Terminal, circa 1938
SITE NAME: Catalina Terminal, Wilmington, California. Also known as Catalina Steamship Terminal, Catalina Island Company, Wilmington Transportation Company, and the Water Street Los Angeles Wharf.

LOCATION: The site, formerly known as Catalina Terminal, is located at 100 West Water Street, Berths 184 and 185, Wilmington, California, 2.0 miles southeast of Highway 110 (the Harbor
Freeway) .

SITE HISTORY: In 1942, the War Department, War Shipping Administration acquired an unspecified number of acres from the Port of Los Angeles by lease agreement. The DOD beneficially used the existing terminal building, parking, shed, and piers associated with Berths 184 and 185. These records were neither specific nor complete. DOD improvements are unknown. The site was utilized for transporting troops and goods to Catalina Island, a troop training facility during World War II.

In 1946, the War Department reconveyed to the Port of Los Angeles an unspecified number of acres of property. These records were neither specific nor complete. The property is currently occupied by Catalina Freight Line (Berth 184) and College of Oceaneering, Pier 2, Welding Pier (Berth 185). No War Department improvements are known to exist on the property today.
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