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Camp Allen
(Encinal de Alameda)
Not to be confused with Oakland's Camp Allen. One of four state and brigade level training camps for the California Militia held in October 1863 for units of the Second Brigade. These were mandated by the California Legilslaure and the Governor so as to improve the quality of the militia during the Civil War. It is not know if any other brigade conducted such camps. The other camps held that year were:
The highlight of the camp was what is called to day a "combined arms exercise" or what was then called a "sham battle" at the adjacent Kennedy's Farm in which the brigades infantry "battled" against cavalry to include the formation of Napoleonic era, "regimental squares". The camp was organized into three regiments of infantry (1st, 2nd [Irish] and 4th), a battalion of cavalry and a single battery of artillery. This organization shown in the picture above with the artillery in the forground, then the three regiments of infantry and finally the cavalry in the trees.
The Battle of Kennedy's Farm
Additional History
Daily Alta California, 24 October 1863:
Regulations for Camp Allen: First Annual Encampment of the Second Brigade, California Militia, October 6, 1863 (1863)
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