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Camp Daly City
An Army Air Forces, and later an Army Security Agency (ASA), radio intelligence station located in Daly City, just south of San Francisco. One unit has been identified as being formed at this installation, 958th Signal Radio Intelligence Company (Aviation). Other units identifed as being therewere the 140th Signal Radio Intelligence Company (Aviation) and after World War II was the 3rd Radio Security Section of the 136th Radio Security Detachment. Very little else is known about this installation.
Extract, ASA Review, May-June 1947
Camp Daly City, Calif., a picturesque site atop an 800 foot rocky hill overlooking the waters of the Pacific Ocean, is the operating location of the Third Radio Security Section of the 136th Radio Security Detachment. The camp is approximately two miles from any other activity, military or civilian, and even though it is only a short distance from.San Francisco, it could well be compared with an uninhabited Pacific Island or an isolated mountain in Germany or Japan. The weather resembles the fogs and rain squalls of South America.

The section is operating on a 24-hour, seven-day-per-week basis utilizing four shifts running for six hours each to man the five operating positions being used. The antenna array consists of numerous delta-matched antennas supplemented by three bi-directional rhombics, several double doublets, and some long-wire antennas. The buildings are all constructed of wood and plainly marked with T's, which do not mean temporary but rather termited. The operations building is the freest from the ever-recurring Florida fogs and rains. Due to-the rapid influx of new men, bringing the unit to full strength, the camp messhall has been put into operation and the $2.25-per~day subsistence allowance, known for so long as a booster to the pay of the lower grades, has ceased.
At present, because of the non-existence of gasoline in this area, the unit has been forced to withdraw all but the most essential motor trips made by organization motor vehicles. Two trips to Daly City are made each day for the purpose of receiving and dispatching mail. Men desiring to go on pass are forced to call a taxi (Daly City taxi drivers are the best paid in the world, including rickshaw drivers of India) or trudge down the two and a half mile San Mateo County road with one knife, TL-29, to part the fog.

A dance was held in the organization messhall and day-room recently. Music was furnished by a six-piece orchestra from Hamilton Field and partners were secured from among the flowering beauty of Daly City. There was plenty to eat and sufficient beer and soda-pop to drown one's sorrows.

At the request of Fifteenth Air Force, operations of the Third Radio Security Section have been expanded to include the monitoring of its air-ground and point-to-point circuits. In addition, plans have been made to dispatch a mobile monitor unit as soon as warm weather arrives. This should prove to be quite an extensive tour covering the Central and Eastern United States. All trick-chiefs and operators are bucking for assignment to. the mobile unit.

Four crack operators have been lost to the unit for a period of approximately six months for detached service in Alaska. SSgt. Josleyn, who has spent most of his Army career here in Camp Daly City, was seen just before leaving dressed in furlined gadgets and gismoes that defied description and trying to get in the mood for the trip by eating an eskimo pie.
Capt. James L. Warbington
M. Sgt. Ralph P. Rushing



Extract, War Department Inventory of Owned, Sponsored and Leased Facilities, 1945


Theater of Operations: 134
Total: 134
Officers: 18
Station Hospital:
Leases: 32
Total: 32
Cost to Government Since 1 July 1940:
Construction: $53,177.00
Total: $53,177.00
Remarks: Data from 30 September 1945 report.
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