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Camp William B. Roe
(Camp Valley Center)

Originally a Civilian Conservation Corps installation named Camp Valley Center, Camp William B. Roe was a training camp for the 8th Regiment of the California State Guard.
San Diego Union Article
It was named for Captain William Beach Roe, of the California State Guard by General Order No. 23, dated 9 April 1942. The following article was taken from the June 17, 1942 issue of the San Diego Union which was provided by Captain Roe's grandson, Bill Roe of Chula Vista:
Guard Camp Honors Founder
Captain William Beach Roe

Her voice choked with emotion but fighting bravely to hold back the tears. Mrs. Florence Roe, of San Diego, yesterday presented a flag to the Eighth Regiment, California State guard, as part of stirring ceremonies at which the regiment camp near Valley Center was dedicated to the memory of her husband.

The camp was named in honor of Capt. William Roe who assisted in organizing the state guard and was one of the first executive officers. Roe, a World War I veteran, died last August.

Attending the ceremonies were Brig. Gen. J. O. Donovan, commanding the state guard; Col. Rupert Hughes, noted author, who commands the second area of the state guard; Lt. Col. Murney Mintzei, commanding the Eighth regiment; Col. Jesse M. Holmes, U.S.A., ret.; Maj. Chapman Grant, U.S.A., ret.; William G. Roe, Capt. Roe's son, and Mrs. Minnie Brown, Mrs. Roe's mother.

California state guard officers who participated in the dedication of Camp Roe, were (left to right): Brig. Gen. J. O. Donovan, state guard commander; Col. E. Trechter, U.S.A.; Col. Rupert Hughes, commanding state guard second area, and Lt. Col. Murney Mintzer, commanding the Eighth regiment.

Holmes and Grant, with Lt. Col. F. J. Ostermann, U.S.A., ret., comprise the officers' examining board for the state guard in San Diego and Imperial counties.

Only two platoons of the regiment took part in the dedication as other state guardsmen were on duty protecting "the city and county reservoirs and other strategic points.

In presenting the Stars and Stripes to Capt. H. K. Raymenton, training camp commnder, Mrs. Roe said:

"I am deeply grateful for the privilege of presenting this flag on behalf of my beloved husband, Capt. William B. Roe, for whom this camp is named."
Widow of Capt. Roe Presents Flag at Dedication: Mrs. Florence Roe, widow of Capt. William Roe, presents flag to Capt. H. K. Raymenton, training camp commander of the Eighth regiment, California state guard, during the dedication ceremonies yesterday in honor of her husband. At the right of Mrs. Roe is Brig. Gen. J. O. Donovan, state guard commander. Standing back of Capt. Raymenton Is Lt. E. F. Koontz.


"I accept this flag on behalf of the officers and men of this camp," replied Raymenton.
Tribute to Roe was paid by Donovan. "Sometimes we are given an assignment that is difficult to perform," said Donovan.

"Today I am asked to speak about a friend who served in the same division I did in France. When I started to organize the state guard he gave me every, assistance and encourgement. Bill Roe was a fine distinguished officer."Even to think of Bill saddens me and it is difficult for me to find words adequately to express my feelings. I feel that it is a fitting thing to dedicate this camp to the memory of Capt. Bill Roe."


Hughes, in a brief talk to the state guardsmen, said:
"My heart aches for the widow of Capt. Roe. I ask that you guardsmen keep his name forever in your memory and that you make yourselves good soldiers as quickly as you can for it is you that must aid to preserve the ideals and institutions of our country."


History of Camp Vallet Center/William B. Roe
Valley Center History Museum
Historic Site: 28741 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center (Site Demolished)
The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was created by President Roosevelt in 1933 as a work relief program to combat poverty and unemployment among young men during the Great Depression. Persons housed in CCC camps worked on conservation and reforestation programs in rural areas, planted trees, fought forest fires, and helped build roads. They were paid $1 per day.
The CCC camp in Valley Center opened in 1933 on 40 acres at 28741 Cole Grade Road. As many as 400 young men were housed at the site in newly-constructed barracks.
The CCC camp closed in 1936, and the property was turned over to the State Department of Natural Resources for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. In cooperation with the County of San Diego, the site became a detention home for boys. Some of the CCC cabins were moved to other locations.
In 1938, the site became a relief camp~ for jobless single men who were awaiting certification to participate in a jobs program sponsored by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). A central office building was constructed. Men at the camp performed nursery work as part of a reforestation program.
By 1940, the camp became home to the California State Guard, a volunteer military reserve group that assumed responsibility of the National Guard when the latter was mobilized. In 1942, the Valley Center regiment site was dedicated as Camp Roe in memory of Capt William Roe, an organizer of the state guard.
With official disbandment of the State Guard in 1947, Camp Roe closed and the site later became home of the California Department of Forestry (CDF). In 2006, the CDF moved its Valley Center station to new quarters at 14946 Vesper Road.4
The CCC office was housed in an historic (ca. 1880) adobe home that originally was part of a 160-acre homestead. The parcel on which the adobe sits is now owned by the VCPUSD and faces school road. It is used for storage
As recently as 1985, an historic plaque was observed on a barracks building noting this as a CCC site It was removed and its whereabouts are unknown. In 1938, a bronze WPA marker was central office building. In 2006, it was removed and relocated to the new CDF station
In 2011, the CCC was sold to the Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District
In 2013, the Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District razed the structures to accommodate a sports field.
Headquarters California State Guard General Order 23 Naming Camp William B. Roe

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