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Eagle Rock National Guard Rifle Range
Located in the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles, this rage was established by the 7th Infantry Regiment (after 1917, 160th Infantry Regiment) of the California National Guard. The first official mention of this range is in the 1904 Biennial Report of the Adjutant General and later the 1914-1920 Report of the Adjutant General. The Santa Cruz Evening News of January 13, 1916 indicated that a State Rifle Completion was held at this site.
The 1951 California Cadet Corps Handbook record the use of the range in 1920 by the California High School Cadets in 1920.
The range was no longer used by the National Guard at some point between 1920 an 1927 as the November 1927 issue of the California Guardsman shows the 160th Infantry Regiment traveling to the Orange County Park in Irvine for rifle practice.
Furthermore, the February 1928 California Guardsman stated,
"The new year finds us with the determination to overcome our traditional handicap. Ever since the old Eagle Rock rifle range was closed to our use we have found it necessary to impose on the various clubs and individuals who were owners of such facilities in this vicinity. And at that the results have been unsatisfactory, for regularity is essential to successful range operation…"
In 1931 a replacement range was establish at the State Narcotics Hospital at Sprada.
Firing at the 200 yard targets.
Firing at the 500 and 600 yard targets.
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