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Folsom Prison Rifle Range
Soldiers from McClellen Field firing Remington-Eddystone M1917 .30 caliber rifles at the Folsom Prison Rifle Range
For several years Folsom State Prison maintained an outdoor pistol and rifle range just east of the prison and the staff housing area. The Corps of Engineers Real Estate Map indicates that the US Army took formal possiion of the range in 1943 as per Corps of Engineers Real Estate Acquisition Authorization RE-D773 dated 10 April 1942. Contol of 40 acres of land were permitted to the US Army by the State Board of Prison Directors on 1 October 1943.
However, there is evidence that the Army was using the site before the start of the war. The 2 October 1941 edition of the Torrance Herald stated in an article titled, Army Using Prison Pistol, Rifle Ranges:
Warden Clyde Plummer of Folsom Prison today revealed that officers and enlisted men at McClellan Field near Sacramento are using the prison pistol and rifle ranges to improve
their marksmanship.


The Army Corps of Engineers documentation show that the permit was still in effect as late as 1949. It is not known when the permit was terminated. The area in which the range existed is now been built over by the California State Prison, Sacramento.
Corps of Engineers Real Estate Map
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