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Fraizer Mountain Radio Relay Annex
On 1 June 1960 the Air Force acquired 0.05 acres of property on Frazier Mountain in Ventura county, California. The land was obtained from the u.s. Department of Agriculture under Special Use Permit LA-1236 dated 22 July 1960. The initial permit was for a period of 6 months. Through a series of extensions, use of the parcel was extended indefinitely. Use Permit data for short term, mid-1960's leases for other parties is not available from the Forest Service.

The site was used to test mobile communication and instrumentation equipment by Edwards Air Force Base personnel. The historical records indicate that no permanent improvements were installed at the property during Air Force use. The Acquisition Progress Report indicates joint use of Frazier Mountain, but does not specify users.

Air Force disposal was effective 28 January 1965. Records are unclear, but it was apparently transferred to the Army Corps of Engineers, who on 24 June 1965 returned the 0.05 acres to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The site is currently occupied by radio antennae and associated buildings.
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