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Frank Valley Military Reservation



Location: The site is in Marin County approximately 22 miles northwest of San Francisco, California.

Site History: Prior to 1 July 1940, the United States acquired 8.93 fee acres and .25 easement acres. An additional .39 acre Lesser Interest was acquired after 01 July 1940. Total acreage acquired was 9.57 acres. The site was used by the Harbor Defenses of San Francisco as a fire control site for Batteries Wallace, and Smith-Guthrie at Fort Barry as well as Fort Miley's Battery 243. There were three underground fire control stations, a reinforced concrete powerhouse, and a reinforced concrete mine station. On 31 October 1951, 9.57 acres were transferred to Department of the Navy, but were later deleted from transfer to the Department of the Navy by a letter from the Secretary of the Army on 28 November 1952. By quitclaim deed, dated 06 October 1960, General Services Administration conveyed 9.57 acres to the County of Marin. The site is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District


Corps of Engineers Real Estate Map

Site Map
An aerial view of the Fire Control Stations (John Martini)
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Report of Completed Works - Seacoast Fortifications: Frank Valley Fire Control Structuress
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Frank Valley Military Reservation
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