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Fort Cronkhite: Anti-Aircraft Battery No. 1
Antiaircraft Battery No. 1, Wolf Ridge, Fort Cronkhite, July 24, 1940. One of Three 3-inch Guns Mounted on Concrete. Presidio Army Museum Archives, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco.

by Justin Ruhge
Anti-Aircraft Battery No. 1 was located at Wolf Ridge. It had three permanently mounted 3-inch guns, Model 1917A1. The facilities associated with this battery were a combined storeroom and power plant structure, dug-in splinter-proof construction; dimensions: storeroom, 16 by 12 by 7 feet; power plant 12 by 12 by 7 feet; and a magazine of similar construction with dimensions: 26 by 16.5 by 8 feet. A director pit, concrete well-type with sliding steel frame roof; dimensions, 10 by 10 by 4 feet 8 inches high and a height finder base made of concrete and having a diameter of 10 feet. The director was located 1,000 feet east of the battery. The battery, designated AA Battery No. 1, was completed on August 26, 1940.
Because of its remote location, this battery was still in good condition in 1981.
Underground quarters for soldiers at Anti-Aircraft Battery No. 1, Wolf Ridge Fort Cronkhite, March 12, 1942. Presidio Army Museum Archives, No. 342B, 2ABO. Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco,
Report of Completed Works
Wartime Camouflage Measures
Camouflage system fully employed to conceal an M1917 3-Inch Anti-Aircraft Gun at Wolf Ridge.
Camouflage cover slid back and gun elevated.
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