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Fort Miley: Anti-Aircraft Battery

by Justin Ruhge
Work on an antiaircraft battery at Fort Miley commenced in 1920 and was completed in 1925. In 1929 two carriages had been supplied that were AA Model 1917, Serial No. 130 and 159 made by Watertown Arsenal. No guns were mounted during this period. The location of the mounting plugs is on the 1914 map of Fort Miley shown earlier.
During World War II, Antiaircraft Battery 4 was located on Lincoln Park Golf Course adjacent to Fort Miley, with three 3-inch guns on mobile mounts. The director was to be located on high ground in the vicinity of the battery. The battery had AA Searchlight 10. No observation post was listed, but it had AA machine gun platoons 13 and 14. No magazine was required.

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