Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
Fort Ord Amphibious Training Area
On or about 2 December 1942, the U.S. Government acquired 371.302 lease acres (the historical files do not list this acreage, however, they were listed on the real estate map), and on 31 December 1943, they acquired 123.03 permit acres. Total acreage acquired for the subject site was 494.332.
The site was known as Fort Ord Amphibious Training Area Military Reservation; and Fort Ord Amphibious Training Center, CA. The site was situated in Monterey County, 2 1/2 miles east of the City of Monterey, and used by the Army as an amphibious training area. Records do not indicate if there were any improvements.
On 31 December 1948, 113.03 permit acres were terminated. On 30 September 1952, 10.00 permit acres were terminated. According to the real estate map, the 371.302 lease acres were terminated between 1947 and 1952. Records do not indicate if restoration was required.
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