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Gavilan Plateau Maneuver Area
In July, 1943 The War .Department acquired leasehold interests in 20,514 acres of land in Riverside County, west of Perris, CA, adjacent to March Field. Approximately 93 parcels of land were involved. The leaseholds were on a co-use basis, meaning that the Army and the owners used the land simultaneously.

The area was used by the Army for maneuvers that included hand and rifle grenades in certain areas. Real estate documents indicate that as of September 1949 improvements made by the Army had been removed, from which an inference can be made that improvement were constructed. There is no indication of what type of improvements were made.

The site was disposed of by cancellations of leasehold agreements between July, 1943 and April, 1945, inclusive. Approximately 93 separate leases were canceled. The land was returned to the exclusive use of owners.
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