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Half Moon Bay Very High Frequency (VHF) Site 4K5
Undated US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History
Prior to 1 July 1940, the United States acquired 24.59 lease acres and .03 permit acre from various owners (see Tract Register on Real Estate Map). Total acreage acquired for the site was 24.62.
The site was known as VHF Site 4K5. The site was situated 3 miles south of Half Moon Bay, CA and was used by the Army Air Forces as a radio direction finder site. Improvements were not listed.

On 29 February 1948, 24.59 lease acres were terminated and on 14 April 1949, .03 permit acre was terminated. Records did not indicate if restoration was required or if the property was recapturable.
It is not known if this installation had a relationship with the Half Moon Bay Radar Site.
US Army Corps of Engineers Real Estate Map
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