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Heaps Peak Radio Relay Annex
LOCATION: Heaps Peak is located in the County of San Bernardino, approximately 2 miles east of Lake Arrowhead, off of Highway 18 and 13 miles northeast of San Bernardino. The area consists of 0.23 acres and is a portion of northwest 1/4 of Section 25, Township 2 north, Range 3 west, SBB & M, Arrowhead Ranger District.

SITE HISTORY: The U.S. Air Force was granted a "special use permif' from the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture on 3 January 1955. The permit was issued to the 27th Air Division located at Norton Air Force Base for the purpose of constructing a radio relay station for emergency FM radio back-up system of telephone and teletype circuits. The permit was canceled on 30 September 1975. All improvements were removed from the site.

The site is currently used and owned by the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, County of San Bernardino, Western Telecommunications and MCI also use this site for communications purposes. Towers with microwave antennae mounted on them have been erected.
US Army Corps of Engineers Real Estate Map
Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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