California Military History
Historic California Posts, Camps, Stations and Airfields
General Histories
Specific Posts and Regional Histories (less Harbor Defense Posts and including Post-1947 Army Airfields)
Harbor Defense Posts
Cold War Antiaircraft Gun (90mm and 120mm) and Missile (Nike-Ajax and Nike-Hercules) Sites

Los Angeles Defense Area Fort MacArthur Museum

San Francisco Defense Area

Travis Defense Area

Wartime Civil Control Administration Installations
War Relocation Authority Installation
California Militia, National Guard and State Guard Installations, Armories and Ranges
Extracts of Army Station Lists

General Histories

Specific Installation Histories


Marine Corps
General Histories
Specific Installations

Air Force (to include Signal Corps Air Service, Air Corps, Army Air Forces and Contract Training Fields)
Coast Guard

Office of Strategic Services

Defense Plant Corporation (PLANCOR)

Defense Logistics Agency

Spanish and Mexican Armies

Russian-American Fur Company

Fort Ross

Settler, Trading and Vigilante Forts
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