California Military History
California and the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection
  • Major-General Henry Ware Lawton, U.S.Volunteers
  • Camp Reynolds, Fort McDowell and Angel Island
  • National Guard of California and California Naval Militia
  • The California Naval Militia in the War with Spain
  • California Soldiers in the Philippines: From the Correspondence of Howard Middleton, 1898-1899 (1951)
  • California U.S. Volunteers
  • The Spanish American War Memorial: A Living Testament to the Seventh California Volunteer Infantry
  • First Battalion of California Heavy Artillery, U.S. Volunteers in the Spanish-American War
  • The Experiences of the First California Volunteer Infantry Spanish American War Centenial Site
  • 1st California Volunteer Infantry Embarking for the Philippines: 13 May 1898 Museum of the City of San Francisco and the Library of Congress
  • California's Volunteer Forces during the Spanish-American War

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