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Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles: Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Battery Joint Army and Navy (JAAN) No. 2
M1903 3-Inch Seacoast Gun
Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Batteries, Harbor Defenses of Los Angeles
by Justin M. Ruhge

In 1942 five batteries of AMTB guns protected the San Pedro Harbor. There were four batteries of 90-mm guns and 37-mm guns and one of only 37-mm guns. These were fast-firing weapons, which were supplemented with 50-caliber machine guns and searchlights as needed. The 90-mm batteries were four guns, two of which were permanent and two mobile. These were supplemented with two mobile 37-mm guns.

These batteries were located at the Gaffey Bulge where Gaffey Street winds around Battery Leary-Merriam; JAAN No. 1, Navy Field; JAAN No. 2, Bluff Park; and Terminal Island.

The fifth battery was designated Dolphins. This was a line of 10 37-mm guns on towers with searchlights located along the harbor breakwater - making a total of 34 guns.

AMTB JAAN No 2 was armed with two M1903 3-Inch Seacoast Guns.

Location of Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Batteries, July 1944. Click to view a larger image (Coast Defense Study Group)
Location of Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat Searchlights, July 1944. Click to view a larger image (Coast Defense Study Group)
Report of Complete Works - Seacost Fortifications
Source: Coast Defense Studty Group
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