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Kaiser Shell Casing Plant

SITE LOCATION: The site is located 45 miles east of Los Angeles and 14 miles west of San Bernardino in the vicinity of Fontana, California.

SITE HISTORY: In late May 1944, the War Department required 47.98 acres of land to set up and operate a 155 millimeter shell casing plant. The land was acquired from Frank and Josephine Mortara through a declaration of taking. The remaining 1.87 acres were donated to the Government by either the County of San Bernardino or the San Bernardino Flood Control District. Improvements include buildings, both for housing of personnel and production of shells, elevated steel water tanks, wood cooling towers, paved parking areas, fencing of property, and
construction of railroad spur tracks for connection with existing Kaiser Plant spur. In September 1945, the War Department classified the installation as surplus. The War Assets Administration
assumed custody of the shell casing plant in May 1946.

Subsequent to Army occupation, the Taylor Forge Company purchased the site and conducted business there for a number of years before selling to the Kaiser Steel Company. Currently, the owner of record is the Lusk-Kaiser West End Joint venture who is leasing the former shell plant to various businesses.
Source: Los District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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