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Keeler Peak Short Range Navigation Annex
This site was designated Keeler Peak Short Range Navigation (SHORAN) Annex under the jurisdiction of Edwards Air Force Base. The area was to be used by the Department of the Air Force as an air navigational aid site. It is located in the County of Inyo. California about 18 miles northeast of the Village of Keeler, Section 2, Township 16 South, Range 38 East, Mount Diablo Meridian.

A total of ten acres of public domain land was acquired by Use Permit No. LA-0016270, dated 21 May 1957 in lieu of formal directive dated 21 May 1957 from the Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management.

No improvements were constructed on the property and there are no roads to the site.
By General Order No. 45, date 12 August 1957, the site was deactivated on 23 August 1962 and the 10 acre site was relinquished to the Department of Interior by Public Land offer No. 2990, dated 18 March 1963.
Source: Los District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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