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Los Angeles Defense Area Family Housing Site LA-94H
From 22 May 1958 to 30 December 1958, the Department of the Army acquired 6 tracts of land, 8.27 acres in fee and 0.10 acre in easements, for a total of 8.37 acres. All were subject to
easements including water rights, public roads and pipelines.

The site was known as the Nike LA-94H Housing Site, Saugus, Los Angeles Defense Area, California. The site was selected for the construction of 32 housing units and a sewage treatment
plant. In 1959, the housing originally served remote Nike Ajax sites in the northern portion of the the Los Angeles Defense Area. In the early 1960's the Nike-Ajax System was converted to the Nike-Hercules System, and the housing at LA-94H continued to support the air defense mission in the area. After the phase out of the Nike-Hercules Air Defense System in 4 February 1974, the Family Housing Site was vacated.

On 4 August 1965, a 0.02 acre easement was conveyed to Lee G. Camp, et. ux by quitclaim deed. The property was reported as excess on 31 October 1975. On 9 June 1978, 8.26 acres in fee, and 0.08 acres in easements were quitclaimed from the U.S.A. to Merle G. Thomsen and Patricia Dian Thomsen. Thus total disposal was 8.36. The difference of 0.01 acre between acquisition and disposal documents cannot be accounted for, however, it is reasonable to assume the discrepancy may be the result of record keeping. The property was cleared of above ground natural gas tanks and the sewage treatment plant per Los Angeles County code requirements.
Source: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers
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