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Los Angeles Medical Depot
A 1925 image of the Mack Truck plant that became the Los Angeles Medical Depot in 1942 (University of Southern California Digital Library)
Located in the former Mack Truck plant at 2001 South Alameda Street, the Los Angeles Medical Depot was established on 1 June 1942 with a recored capacity of 225,000 square feet. Operated as the distribution depot for Southern California and California-Arizona Maneuver Area and as the filler depot for Los Angeles Port of Embarkation. The depot operated under the control of the 9th Service Command, Army Service Forces. After the war the site became a lumber and building materials yard. Today the complex still stands and is a commercial retail space.
A Google Earth image of the former Los Angeles Medical Depot.

Extract, War Department Inventory of Owned, Sponsored and Leased Facilities, 31 December 1945


A street level view of the former Los Angeles Medical Depot.
Extracts from the Army of the United States Station Lists
 Army Station List  1 June 1943

 Army Service Forces:

  • Los Angeles Medical Depot
 Army Station List  7 May 1945

 Army Service Forces:

  • 7902nd Service Command Unit (Service Group, Los Angeles Medical Depot)
  • 9908th Surgon General's Office Technical Service Unit: (Los Angeles Medical Depot)
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