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Landing Hill Fire Control Site No. 10
Landing Hill Fire Control Site No. 10 comprised a total of 2.08 acres and was located along the present-day site of Crestview Avenue, between Beachcomber Drive and Sea Breeze Drive, in the City of Seal Beach, California. The site consisted of 1.38 acres of leased property and 0.70 acres of permit property. The leased and permitted property were obtained from the I.W. Hellman Ranch on 2 August 1943. The Department of the Army also obtained a no area license from the City of Seal Beach on 27 July 1943.

The installation was developed by the Army as a fire control station and was incorporated into the Harbor Defense of Los Angeles. The facility was designed for the observation ofsurface vessels and the direction of gun battery fire. A three-level steel observation tower, camouflaged to resemble an oil derrick, and a generator shelter were constructed on the leased property. Other improvements included cable lines for telephone communications and fencing for site security. Electricity was provided by two 2.5 KVA generators.
This reservation provided fire control datafor the following coast artillery batteries

The lease for 1.38 acres of property (observation tower) and the permit for 0.70 acres of property (cable right-of-way) were terminated on 8 April 1953. The no area license (cable right-of-way) was terminated on 19 August 1953. The observation tower and generator shelter were demolished by the Army. The cables installed in the rights-of way were transferred to the I.W. Hellman Ranch and the City of Seal Beach in lieu of property restoration. The property is currently occupied by private residences and the City of Seal Beach Gum Grove Park.
Sources: Los Angeles District, US Army Corps of Engineers and the Coast Defense Study Group

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