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Lemoore Auxiliary Field
(Lemoore Auxiliary Field A-1)
The former Lemoore Auxiliary Field, now known as Corcoran Airport, is located approximately one mile west of Corcoran in Kings County, California. The 220 acre tract was acquired by the Army through a lease. The land was leased from Mr. Elmer von Glahn and Mrs. Frances von Glahn. The lease was dated October 13, 1941 and recorded in the County Recorders Office on May 18, 1942.
The document did not lease to the Government the right of ways for the canals and highways or the buildings located on the southern boundaries of the Lemoore Auxiliary Field. The acreage was used by the Army Air Forces as an auxiliary for Lemoore Army Air Field, California; the site was used as a landing field to train pilots. The lessor (Mr. von Glahn) also had joint use of the runways, so long as he did not interfere with the operations of the military.
The entire 220 acres was released to Mr. Von Glahn on September 1, 1944.


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