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Lemoore Emergency Landing Field
(Coalinga Municipal Airport, Coalinga Emergency Landing Field)
The original airport for the town of Coalinga was located adjacent to the northwest side of the town. The date of construction of the former small general aviation airport is unknown.
The earliest depiction which has been located of the Coalinga Airport was on the 1929 Rand-McNally Air Trails Map of California. It described Coalinga as a municipal airport operated by the Chamber of Commerce, and the field was said to measure 2,000' x 1,400'.
The Standard Oil Company's 1929 Airplane Landing Fields of the Pacific West described Coalinga Airport as having an irregularly shaped 2,750' x 2,100' landing area.
According to K.O. Eckland, in 1936 Coalinga had two runways, with the longest being a 4,200' northwest/southeast strip.
The Airport Directory Company's 1937 Airports Directory described Coalinga Municipal as having two oiled runways, with the longest being a 4,200' northwest/southeast strip.
It was also described as having a hangar, with "Coalinga" painted on the roof.
The December 1941 San Francisco Sectional Chart depicted Coalinga as a commercial or municipal airport.
The Coalinga Airport was apparently taken over by the Army in 1942 and "Coalinga, Army" was listed in the 1944 US Army/Navy Directory of Airfields. It was described as having a 3,600' runway. 1945 aeronautical chart depicted Coalinga as an auxiliary airfield.
Coalinga Municipal was listed among active airports in the 1962 AOPA Airport Directory, with two paved runways, and the operator listed as "Crumpton Flying Service".
The runway at Coalinga had evidently been lengthened by 1976, as the 1976 Pilot's Guide to California Airports depicted Coalinga Municipal as having two paved runways: 5,280' Runway 12/30 & 4,120' Runway 1/19. Several taxiways led to a ramp at the southeast corner of the field, where Coalinga Air Service & West Hills Aviation (a crop dusting service) were located.
In the 1982 AOPA Airport Directory, Coalinga was described as having two asphalt runways (12/30: 5,280' & 1/19: 4,120'), and the operator was listed as Kiwi Kopters.
In the late 1990s, the New Coalinga Municipal Airport (a few miles to the east) was built to replace the original airport. Both fields were still depicted as active airports on 1998 aeronautical charts, but the original Coalinga Airport has since closed (at some point between 1998-2002
Source: Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields by Paul Freeman. Used with permission


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