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Liberty Field
(War Eagle Auxiliary Field No. 1)
Liberty Field circa 1943

Liberty Field was established before World War II by a local resident, a Mr. Mallicoat, as a private training school for military pilots.

It later became one of two auxiliary landing fields associated with the Polaris Flight Academy, which operated during World War II from nearby War Eagle Field. The Polaris Flight Academy was a contract flying school which used civilian instructors to provide flight training to US & foreign military cadets.

The date of closure of Liberty Field is unknown, but War Eagle Field itself closed the following year in 1945.

It is unknown if Liberty Field was ever reused for civilian flying.

Liberty Field consisted of two 3,300' x 600' runways, apparently never paved. One was oriented east/west, the other northeast/southwest, together forming a number "7". Both runways remain quite discernable, but in a fairly deteriorated state. There are no perceptible remains of any buildings at the site.

In the 1950's the US Rubber Company constructed a 3,500' diameter circular automotive testing track, roughly superimposed over the center of the former airfield. This has now been abandoned as well. The current ownership of the property is unknown.

The site of Liberty Field is located southwest of the intersection of Sierra Highway & West Avenue B, 5 miles south of Rosamond.


Extract, January 1945 Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields


Liberty Field Today

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