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Lone Pine Airport
(Ross Aeronautical School Contract Flying School)
Lone Pine Airport, circa 1943
The War Department is not known to have acquired nor have had any controlling interest in Lone Pine Airport, Lone Pine, California. The airport, established in the early 1930s as a public airport, is located on an estimated 307 acres of which 69 acres are owned by the County of Inyo, and the remainder is leased by the County of Inyo from the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

During World War II, Army Air Corps cadets received primary ground and flight training through the Civilian Pilot Training program and then the War Training Service program conducted by the Ross Aeronautical School at Lone Pine Airport from March 1942 to July 1943. The Army is not known to have constructed any facilities at the airport.
Available Army station lists do not show any Army Air Forces units operating from Loan Pine Airport. Lone Pine Airport does not show up on the December 1945 War Department Inventory of Owned, Sponsored or Leased Facilities.
The school operated the following auxiliary fields:
No Army disposal actions were necessary. After the end of World War II, Inyo County continued the operation of Lone Pine Airport as a public airport.
Extract, January 1945 Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields

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