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Los Angeles Exposition Park Armory (1912-1961)
(Exposition Park Mobilization Camp)


The Los Angeles State Armory (later referred to as the Exposition Park Armory) is a building located in Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California. It was built in 1912 and designed by architect J.W. Wollett.[1] The building served as the armory for the 160th Infantry Regiment between World War I and World War II[2]

The armory hosted the fencing competition at the 1932 Summer Olympics as well as the fencing part of the modern pentathlon.[3] It seated 1,800 for the event. It also served as an exposition hall and ballroom during the early- and mid-20th century. In 1947, the armory was converted into a bowling alley and hosted a tournament of the American Bowling Congress.[4]

The 160th left in 1961, and the building was used as headquarters for the Board of Trustees of the California State Colleges in the 1960s[5] It then served as exhibit space for the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry (now the California Science Center) from the 1960s to the 1980s, before being closed in 1990 due to seismic concerns.

The building is currently an annex of the California Science Center, serving as the Science Center School and the Amgen Center for Science Learning since 2004. It is now known as The Wallis Annenberg Building.

Currently the building serves as the fictitious "Jeffersonian Institute" in the television series, "Bones".


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Exposition Park Mobilization Camp
A panoramic photograph of the Los Angeles Exposition Park Mobilization Camp during the California National Guard's mobilization during the 1916-1917 Mexican Border Crisis. The Exposition Park Armory (also known as the 7th Regiment Armory and now the California Science Center) is in the background. The photo identifies the following units of the 1st California Brigade at this camp on 1 November 1916:
California operated a second mobilization camp at the California State Fairgrounds on Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento, This site is now the Univercity of California at Davis Medical Center. Units missing from the picture and may have been at the State Fairgrounds were:
Several company sized units mobilized at both locations.
The above image photographed by the Charles Z. Bailey Studio located at 311 South Figuetoa Street, Los Angeles.

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