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Lost Hills Auxiliary Field
(Minter Field Auxiliary No. 7)
Lost Hills Auxiliary Field circa 1943.
The former Lost Hills Auxiliary Field No. 7 is located near the City of Lost Hills, Kern County, California, approximately 40 miles northwest of Bakerfield. The War Department acquired by fee two parcels, totaling 448.26 acres, from private owners: 160 acres from Mrs. Jean Atkinson on November 5, 1942, and 288.26 acres from Standard Oil Company of California on August 30, 1943. Prior to Army purchase, the subject land had been leased by Kern County for used as a public aviation field.

Lost Hills Auxiliary Air Field No. 8 was used by the U.S. Army as an auxiliary air field to Minter Field for training purposes. Improvements as Lost Hills Auxiliary Air Field No. 8 consisted of a runway, taxiway, aprons, revetments, fences, paving, and filed drainage. No buildings were on-site.

On January 11, 1945, Army classified 63.03 acres of the site as surplus. The Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation assumed accountability of the 63.03 acres on March 29, 1946. The remaining 385.23 acres were declared surplus on October 8, 1946. The War Assets Administration relinquished its interest in the property by quitclaim deed to Kern County on October 25, 1948. However, the U.S. Government retained its interest in subsurface rights to oil and gas. No restoration provisions were made at the time of disposal. On January 17, 1966, an Instrument of Release was approved, thereby exempting the site from the National Emergency Use Provision. Currently, Kern County maintains the site as a public aviation field, thereby providing beneficial use of the site.
Extract, January 1945 Army Air Forces Airfield Directory
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