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March Air Force Base Communications Annex No. 2
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1991)

The former March AFB Communication Annex No. 2 was located in Riverside County, California approximately 15 miles northwest of Riverside, California. The site originally consisted of 195 acres. The land of the Communication Annex was part of the Mira Loma Quartermaster Depot which was established in 1942. The 195 acres were transferred to March AFB on 1 January 1965, for use as a communications site.
Facilities on the former March AFB Communication Annex No. 2 site included a series of antennae, World War II vintage wooden buildings, and one building of concrete block construction. These facilities were used in conjunction with the Air Force's Giant Talk project.

On 6 June 1983, March AFB Communication Annex No. 2 was declared excess. On 9 December 1983, 10 acres were quitclaimed to Ivan and Vilma Halaj, Vartkes and Jean Barsam, and Seymour and Betty Joyce Waterman. On 23 June 1986, the other 185 acres of the site were quitclaimed to the County of Riverside, Asset Leasing Corporation. In both quitclaim deeds the United States of America reserved all rights in or to any oil, gas and other hydrocarbon substances and all other minerals in, or under the subject.
Currently 185 acres of the site are owned by the County of Riverside Assets Leasing Corporation, 10 acres are owned by Space Center Mira Lorna Inc., and .07 acres are owned by the Federal Government. The site is located in an industrial area of Mira Loma, California, surrounded mainly by business parks. The Army and Air Force improvements remaining on the site are mostly asphalt roads across the site.

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