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March Air Force Base Instrument Landing System (ILS) Outer Marker
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1991)

The former March ILS Outer Marker was located in Riverside County, California approximately 20 miles southeast of Riverside, California. The site originally consisted of 3.03 acres and was leased from Mr. Floyd C. Bonge, under Lease No. DA-04-353-ENG-3202, in the early 1950's. In 1956, Mr. Bonge decided that he would no longer lease the land because of his increased operatingcosts due to government occupancy of his land. On 9 November 1956, the government purchased the .45 acres of the land where the essential facilities were located. The land was purchased by fee acquisition through a Condemnation Assembly and Declaration of Taking.

The March AFB ILS outer Marker was used as part of the aircraft landing system at March AFB. The basic facilities at the outer Marker consisted of a small building with a transmitter on top. The transmitter sent signals to approaching aircraft to assist the aircraft in aligning itself with the March AFB runway.

The exact date of excess is unknown, however, on 1 May 1980, acting by and through the Administrator of General Services, the .45 acres of March AFB ILS Outer Marker were sold to Mr. George Hill and Orville J. Montgomery. Currently, the site is owned by Parkwest Associates of New York. The site is located in an agricultural area with flat relief. Most of the site is covered by weathered asphalt and DOD improvements at the site are still in place, although in deteriorating condition. The boundaries of the site are marked by a barbed wire fence which is falling apart. There are two structures on the site, one structure is a small (12ft x 12ft) one room building in fair to poor condition.

There is a metal frame around the outside of the building which was apparently used to support the transmitter. The other structure is a corrugated metal building (3ft wide x 6ft long x 5ft high) with an above ground fuel tank inside. No signs of leakage from the tank were observed during the site visit. Riverside County Fire and Environmental Health Departments records indicate no hazards associated with the site.
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