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March Air Force Base Light Annex No. 2
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1992)

The former March AFB Light Annex No. 2 is located in Riverside County, California approximately 15 miles east of Riverside, California. The site originally consisted on 10.43 acres. On 6 May 1944, the Department of Defense obtained a permanent easement of .07 acres from M.J. and Anita s. Yoder as part of the power line right-of-way for the March Light Annex No. 2. On 6 June 1944, the Department of Defense obtained permanent easements on 10.36 acres from the Joseph W. Wolfskill Company for the power line right-of-way, access trail, and the beacon site for the Light Annex.

The lands of March AFB Annex No. 2 consisted of a power line right-of-way, an access trail, and a beacon site. The power line right-of-way was 20 feet wide and 17,770 feet long and formed a
path from the beacon site to an existing power line. The access trail was wide and 6,141 feet long and was a cleared dirt path from the beacon site to the flat area southwest of the beacon site. The beacon site was 50 by 50 feet with a metal tower. on top of the metal tower there was lighting device. This facility was used as part of the night system of March Air Force Base.

On 30 November 1972, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) requested to dispose of March AFB Light Annex No. 2. SAC requested abandonment-in-place for the facilities of the Light Annex. The site was declared excess on 7 October 1974. Currently, the site is owned by the California Department of Water Resources who lease the land to the Lake Perris State Recreation Area. The site is in an undeveloped area with hilly terrain. Air Force improvements of the site are scattered near the former beacon site. There are small metal girders scattered in bushes. In a crevice between rocks, there is a large concentration of metal girders and a metal box with electrical switching devices inside.
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