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March Air Force Base Terminal VHF Omni Range (TOVR) Annex
(Vail TOVR)
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)

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: The former March TVOR Annex (also once known as Vail TVOR) lies within a privately owned wilderness recreational area now called "Butterfield Country".

Location: 11 miles east of Temecula, CA , 1 mile north of State Highway #79 and 1/2 mile south of Vail Lake.

Site History: In October 1959, the U.S. Air Force (807th Combat Support Group, March Air Force Base, CA) requested acquisition of the site. The site was a 200 ft. radius circle (2.88 acres) within a large, undeveloped wilderness area which surrounded Vail Lake and included the right of non-exclusive use of an additional 285.60 acres (2000 ft. radius) and existing access road plus the exclusive use for utility line rights-of-way (area undetermined). The site was for support of the primary instrument runway at March Air Force Base, Riverside, CA which was approximately 27 miles to the north. Prior to October 1959, the U.S. Air Force had occupied the site with mobile equipment to conduct flight tests to verify site suitability for its intended purpose. Site leases from the Vail Company, a Nevada Corporation, were executed 1 July 1960 and 19 January 1965, effective 20 July 1959 to 3 December 1964. Subsequent lease from Rancho California, a partnership, was executed 26 July 1965, amended 13 October 1965, effective 4 December 1964 to 3 December 1969.
Disposal through lease termination was effected on 25 March 1969. There are no buildings remaining and the visible residue of and debris from previous improvements which are probably attributable to US Air Force presence include a large vertically-mounted-on-grade storage tank, a group of concrete piers protruding above grade, an asphalt paved area and access road, an empty pole mounted electrical transformer casing and lid, miscellaneous cable, wire, conduit, pipe, and mounds of demolished building and utility materials. It is logical to assume that this residue is of U.S. Air Force origin since the material is at the former March TVOR site.
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