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Mariposa Auxiliary Field
(Mount Bullion Airport, Mariposa County Airport)
Mariposa Auxiliary Field, 1943
US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District History (1993)

Location: Located in Mariposa County, 5.5 miles northwest of Mariposa, California

Site History: In 1942, the War Department acquired 60.442 lease acres from the County of Mariposa, 0.364 lease acre from John Marre, and 1.388 lease acres from Richard and Willa May Morrissey. The total acreage acquired for the site was 62.194. The property acquired from Mariposa County existed as the Mariposa County Airport prior to the U.S. lease, which was built around 1937. The remaining leased acreage was used as an easement to a radio beacon located on BLM property atop Mount Bullion. The site was used by the Army Air Forces as an emergency landing field and auxiliary to the Merced Army Air Field, since the site is located at an altitude above the typical valley fog layer. Aside from the radio beacon, no Army constructed improvements were identified. Improvements existing at the time of the lease included a hangar, gasoline fueling equipment, a runway, lighting, and a small cabin. In 1945, 62.194 lease acres were terminated. Available records do not indicate if restoration was required or if any recapture provisions existed in the lease. The current land owners include the State of California, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the County of Mariposa, and five private parties.
The site has also been known as Mount Bullion Airport; Mariposa County Airport; and Mariposa Yosemite Airport.
Extract, US Army Air Forces Directory of Airfields, January 1945
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