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Maritime Shipyard
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1993)

Location: The property is located in National City, west of Interstate 5. One portion of the property is located between 13th and 15th Streets, and Cleveland Avenue and Harrison Avenue. The second portion of the property is located between 14th and 19th Streets, west of Tidelands Avenue.

Site History: The Maritime Shipyard consisted of 100.32 acres of tideland property along San Diego Bay. The shipyard facility was responsible for the construction and repair of concrete and steel ships. The shipyard was commissioned in 1941 by the Defense Plant Corporation (Plancor) as an agent of the United States (U.S.) Government. Records indicate that the U.S. Maritime
Commission, Inc. supervised the construction and Tavares Construction Company, Inc. was the contractor responsible for the shipbuilding activities.

Limited data was available concerning the types of improvements constructed at the shipyard. Records of improvements were only available for 2.47 acres of the 100.32 acre facility. According
to records (consisting of historical maps and Real property Classification Forms), this portion of the shipyard facility, located between 13th and 15th Streets and Cleveland and Harrison Avenues, primarily contained a concrete silo and three aggregate bunkers. Details relating to specific improvements made to the remaining 97.85 acres were not available. However, at least 50 acres of the remaining property is beyond the bulkhead line. Therefore, the interpretation is that a major portion of this property was used to dock ships.

The concrete ship building activities reportedly continued through World War II. By 1945, the facility was used to repair Navy ships. In 1945, documents indicated that the Navy Deprtment was interested in purchasing the property and that the buildings and structures had already been purchased by the Navy Department. The property transfer of the 100.32 acres to the Department of the Navy was completed 20 December 1945. During the late 1940s, the Department of the Navy relinquished 20.15 acres of the facility and kept the remaining acreage.
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